Our Logo. Why a bicycle you ask? Actually it was an easy selection. I wanted something familiar yet unexpected, and something that could represent freedom. I named the bicycle the “Freedom Bike” after a walk along the Hudson River looking over to Manhattan and viewing the amazing Freedom Tower. A bike is timeless and classic much like the brand. It’s wonderful to be on a bike without a care in the world and I know how much I enjoy just riding and allowing me to relax. I want the same in your home decor. County Road is designed to give you the freedom to select home textiles for any room of your home with confidence, ease and also the ability to add a personal touch through monogramming. Where does your “Freedom Bike” take you? —Bryan Keith Parker, Founder


From The Heart. Designing and developing County Road has been a journey that brings my life full circle.  Looking back there was a constant in my life that inspired and encouraged me. My Grandmother’s spirit remains with me today even though she is no longer alive, she continues to impact my life. I recall as a kid my Grandmother’s talent of sewing and being creative and I am happy to say she rubbed off on me. Being in the home textile industry for almost 20 years, I have worked with China, India and Pakistan and I never had the pleasure of working with the American Mills. Growing up in the South, I was familiar with cut and sew factory work from family members like my Grandmother, but I never experienced producing product in the USA.  I have enjoyed the experience of traveling abroad, but on all the flights, I have dreamed of a day that I would be producing home textiles in the USA. Well that day finally has come. I am very proud to expand on my heritage of working in the home textile industry and now producing what I truly love in the USA. County Road not only takes me back to my roots, but it also takes me to destinations that inspire and influence design. Where does your County Road take you? Thanks Grandmother for your guidance and reading the road map. —Bryan Keith Parker, Founder

County Road is a destination for all things beautiful, familiar and unexpected for the home. We create bedding, toss pillows, window treatments, fabric, bath, and upholstered furniture and all of our items are produced proudly in the USA. The brand is timeless and classic while being updated and fresh. Each collection has its own personality. Travels from New York to LA inspire and influence the designs. Familiar fabrics of sheeting, twill, denim, and linen are the foundation, while added touches of embroidery, and cut and sew details complete each collection. All fabrics are of natural fibers.